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  • Version 0.4 released.
  • Version 0.3 in limited testing.
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Today, an increasing number of people are watching 24 hour a day cable news networks which provide up to the minute news alerts. However, many netizens do not have access to a television. Instead, we watch the home pages of cnn, foxnews, or one of the many other news portals for breaking news. This allows anyone with a net connection to be informed of critical changes in our world.

However, using a browser to access breaking news has some problems. One major problem is that you must continually stop what you are doing and check to see if there is any breaking news. In other word, the burden of checking for breaking news is on you. This user driven interrupt is quite unnatural.

Consider commerical television. When a viewer watches their favorite show, they are still tied into the news broadcast system. Since 1963, breaking news stories have interrupted U.S. commercial television. Intially used for the President of the U.S. announcements, this system was extend to include many other important news alerts.

News notification while using a web browser should have a similar experience. The newsAlert project stems from the idea that breaking news stories should display an immediate notification to the user. This will put web browsing on equal footing as the television and radio for critial news notifications.

How it works

newsAlert periodically checks selected news services such as cnn or foxnews for breaking news. When we find such a story, a dialog is displayed with the contents of the story.

If you like to know more, please read the developer documention. Coming soon.

Why newsAlerts

  • newsAlert does not need the news site to participate. There is no special file that the news service has to maintain.
  • newsAlert is not tied to a news site nor does it want to promote anything. You choose where you get your news from.
  • newsAlert is extensible. Adding addtional news site providers easy.
  • newsAlert is a simple example of how to extend mozilla's functionality.
  • newsAlert is recommended by 9 out of 10 Golf Pros.

The newsalert project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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